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最佳答案 歌词百度上基本都有,lrc歌词www.51lrc.com的比较好. 以下是所有关于歌舞青春的音乐,你一个个点开看就可以了,很好的资源,是目前我所知道的最全的. 先是原声带: 歌舞青春1: http://www.verycd.com/topics/143360/ 歌舞青春2:

what time is it 歌手:high school musical 专辑:high school musical 2 [chorus] What time is it? Summertime! It's our vacation. What time is it? Party time! That's right, say it loud. What time is it? Time of our lives. Anticipation. What time is it?

第一部:01. Start of Something New ---troy Gabriella初次见面时 02. Get'cha Head in the Game----被Gabriella误会后郁闷时 03. What I've Been Looking For ----Rnay sharpay 04. What I've Been Looking For-----tory Gabriella 只唱了一小部分 05.

[歌舞青春1]1.Get'cha Head in the game 2.What I've Been Looking For (有两个,一个是抒情版和快板的)3.Start of Something New4.When There Was Me and You 5.Breaking Free 6.I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You7.We're All in This Together

i can't take my eyes off of you ya never know what you're gonna feel,ohya never see it comin' suddenly it's realoh,never even crossed my mind,nothat i would ever end up here tonightall things changewhen you don't expect them tono one knowswhat

曲目一览 1. Start Of Something New 男女主角一开始见面在新年晚会上唱的2. Get'cha Head In The Game 男主角在学校体育馆打篮球时唱的3. What I've Been Looking For S和R在很多演员不精彩的表演之后,老师让他们给大家看看表演的真正意

这是全部曲目: 01. Troy and Gabriella--Start Of Something New 02. Troy--Get'cha Head In The Game 03. Ryan and Sharpay--What I've Been Looking For 04. Troy and Gabriella--What I've Been Looking For (Reprise) 05. High School Musical Cast

Breaking free We're soarin', flyin' 我们高飞 飞翔 There's not a star in heaven 没有什么 That we can't reach 是我们不能触到的 If we're trying 如果我们尝试 So we're breaking free 所以我们解脱了 You know the world can see us 你知道世界所看见我

《做个赌注》 每个人老是以我为话题 每个人都在尝试侵入我的头脑 然而我想听从内心的呼唤 我想要依靠我自己 你曾 放开自己去追求心中所想吗 你曾 踏入车门即将启程吗 你曾 放开你本不应紧握的东西吗 你曾放弃吗 你曾对此一无所知吗 我不会

when there was me and you 当那里只有你和我 interpreter:Barfuss(Roy) 翻译:Barfuss(Roy) It's funny when you find yourself Looking from the outside 当你发现自己置身于外很可笑 I'm standing here but all I want Is to be over there 我在这里,但心却

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