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My school life When I was 6 years old, I started my pri mary school life. At school I learn a lot f rom teachers. And I learn knowledge fr om my textbooks. I learn to be good st udent at school and good child at home . I have made great progress in my

My best friend My best friend xxx is a little taller than I. She is friendly, outgoing and smart. We always study and play together. Though she is quicker than I in doing math homework, she never laughs at me. Instead, she often helps me with my math

My home This is my home There are many things in my home There are some windows in the home There are two tables and a desk in the home There are many chair in the home My home is very big My garden This is my garden There are many

1.Iliketoeatmorethanliketocook.2.IprefertheInternetthanwatchingtelevision.3.Istudybetterthanyou.4.Theyellowcarismorepopurlarthanthegreenone.5.IhadmoreshoesthanT-shirts.6.ManypeoplelikeeattingkfcthanM.7.Iammorehungry.8.Heisbetterthanyou.9.heismuchbetterthanyesterday.10.MaryismorebeautifulthanSue.不知道对不对哦,不要介意. 追问: ee

i have a friend who is 谁.he is taller than i?he is shorter then i?he has a round head,he like sleeping,so he always sleeps all day.

Hello!My name is John.I am 13 years old.I am 164 cm .I have a good friends Tom.His 12 years old.He is 158 cm.I taller than him.We have a good friends!

手工如下:Sarah is thirteen years old,and Amy is fourteen years old.So Sarah is younger than Amy,and Amy is older than Sarah.Sarah is 154 cm in height,and Amy's height is 161 cm.So Sarah is shorter th


cleanermore noisymuch morehotterbiggerthe biggestthe bestthe biggestnice nicermore clearlythe most interestingbettermore carefullyharderworse the best

My friendsI have many friend.Tony is my classmate.He is taller than me.Jenny is my good friend. She's hair is longer thanmine.My hands are smaller than hers,and fatter.Amy is my "sister".She is 5cm shorter than me.I'm is stronger and bigger than she.My legs is 10cm than hers.以上人名,数据您可以自行修改.望采纳

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