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求一篇英语作文九年级上册的,My hEro 700字,带翻译哦

求一篇英语作文九年级上册的,My hero 70-100字,带翻译哦回答:写了一定给分吗

求一篇关于My hero的英语作文The hero in my heart is Kim Ryeo Wook. Ryeo Wook is the member of the largest boy group in AsiaSuper

求一篇《My hero》英语作文!!!Madame Curie In word history, Madame Curie is an immoral name. The great scientists, with theirdiligence and

【myhero初三英语作文如题80字左右最好附带翻译】Lu Xun is my favourite writer.He is one of the most famous writers in China.He

初三英语作文My hero,80词左右,不要太难,没有语法错误就差回答:楼上是直接中译英的吧

根据这个,以《my hero》为题,写一篇作文,带翻译My hero He is my hero. Having been faced with so great difficulties, he's still

英语作文 my hero 帮忙写一篇英语作文 要初三水平的 hero回答:直接写我家在在不久OK了!在中哈~

以“myhero”为题目写一篇英语作文,70字就好,不要太my heroThe real hero in my heart shouldn't be like HUANGJIGUANG,QIUSHAOYUN,not like

【英语作文myhero写一篇100词左右时间3分钟《MyheroI wait for the hero,the heart have myriad excited,just want to fight with the fast

my hero英语作文妈妈10句带翻译My hero isn't a great person. My hero is my father. He always makes me happy. He is a helpful person.

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