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My summer vocation plan or My summer plan summber hoilday plan

My plan of summer holiday

my summer vacation 暑假计划.请采纳

我的暑假计划 My plan for summer vacation 我的暑假计划 My plan for summer vacation

The summer vacation is coming. I will do my homework first so I am going to do my homework every morning. In the afternoon, I will play basketball and table tennis with my friends. In the evening I will read English and listen to English program.

my summer plan

暑假计划Summer Plans订暑假计划make plans for the summer vacation我的暑假计划My Plan for Summer Vacation

summer vacation plansummer is a long time for me to do all kinds of things . i want to visiting some places interesting . and i like travelling by train . it takes me too much time , but it saves money . sometimes i stay at home and do my homework ,

holiday life

We are planning for summer hoildy

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