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哈利波特 Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels written by British author J. K. Rowling. The books chronicle the adventures of the eponymous adolescent wizard Harry Potter, together with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, his best

[《小学英语比赛》观后感作文]《小学英语比赛》观后感 今天上午我看电视时,看见了《“志鸿优化杯”小学生英语半决赛》,那里面的小学生真了不起,《小学英语比赛》观后感作文.其中,山东的王元博12岁,112分,得了最高分;江苏的

This was a really good movie. I really enjoyed this. Granted I'm not a fan of Astro Boy, but I still enjoyed this film. The voice actors delivered great performances. Nathan Lane was brilliant as Ham Egg, as was Kristen Bell as Cora. Freddie Highmore

I really like comedies,because I think they're very funny.I don't like documentaries because I think they're boring,and I don't like thrillers,I think they're scary.I often go to see comedies with my friends.(最后一句可以省略,随你便)

第一篇 盗梦空间Yesterday I watched the movie 'Inception'.It was really awesome.The setting of the movie resembles that of 'The Matrix',which also questions the existence of

Spiderman is an interesting character. He can shoot out spider webs which allow him to scale walls. He is well-loved by many because of his super hero nature.

An Interesting Book The DA VINCI CODE is really a good book!It's very interesting.Although I don't have the knowledge of religion,I am crazy about it!However,my foreign teacher told me that some people who believe in Jesus don't like this book.

功夫熊猫观后感This film tells us a story about how a common panda becomes a real dragon warrior. 这个电影为我们讲述了一个平凡的熊猫怎么成为一个真正的龙武士的. At the beginning,the Master Shifu did not believe that the panda can be a

蜘蛛侠情节想必都知道,以下是影评 You will never guess what he wants to be, the spider man. He knows the hero when he sees one, too a few characters out there, flying all around out there, saving old girls like me. Lord knows kids like Henry need

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