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If I'm li hua, is a high school student. To three way, feel that learning pressure is more and more big.

Well, what you referred to in the letter is quite regular piece under this sort of senior year situation. I understand your concern and toatally know the stress from overwhelming competition and future thinking. In the first place, you really need to get

Dear Mr. Liu,I am LiHua, a student of Grade 3 in our Senior High School. I have some problems puzzled me for several weeks, so I am writing to you, our psychological counseling teacher, for some help and advice.Since the new term began, I have

英语一般会用这样的顺序来翻译:My name is Li Hua. I am a high school junior.junior是三年级学生(注:美国一般高中为四年,最后一年叫senior)如果中国高中只三年,吸能说I am a high school senior student, (my third and last year).

My name is Li Hua, and I'm a third year student. Since entering the third year, I found that part of the students would have some bad habits, such as, eating snacks while studying at night ,stayed up too late for studying and to get up late in the morning

Li Hua is a third year student, attend tutorial classes during the day Saturday, evening study late into the night.Sunday, his father proposed to him to make kites with kite-flying to the suburbs to ease the pressure, resulting in the spirit of Monday's class is very abundant Li Hua

[图文] 假如你是一名高三学生.请根据以下要点给CHINA DAILY写一篇英语短文,谈谈你对高三生活的想法 假如你是李华,你的笔友Jim最近沉溺于玩电脑游戏,为 此你很担心.请根据下表提示给Jim写一封

[图文] 书面表达(30分) 假设你叫李华,是一名高三学生,请给某英文报社Heart to Heart栏目的编辑Mary写一封信,内容包括: 1.正在紧张备考,身心压力很大; 2.父母期望很高,不断施压. 3.与父母难沟通

I'm writing to express my deep appreciation for your support and some of my opinions about my future study. Soon I will become a senior student of high school. In preparation for the summer's college entrance examination which will be held next

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