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同样表达最高,可以用两种形式:最高级:mike is the most intelligent in his class.比较级:mike is more intelligent than any other student in his class

“否定词+谓语+比较级”相当于最高级 i've never seen a nicer bird than this one. how beautifully she sings! i have never heard a better voice.

(1) Jane is a little thinner than Mary.(2) Who's the taller,Tom or Bob?(3) I've got something to tell you.(4) There is something in the box.Guess what it is.(5) The old woman kept one biack dog and two white ones. 解决完毕

例句 I am the tallest in our class. 我是咱们班里个子最高的. 表示在某一场所中最,和in引导的介系词片语连用. My movements are the most graceful of us three. 三个人中我的动作是最优雅的. 表示在不少于三者的同类中“最”,和of或

China is bigger than any other country in Asia.

He is smarter than any other student in the class

用the taller范围明确给出是两者间的要用the+比较级望采纳~

一个事物与三个或三个以上团体中除它之外的全部作比较 如this book is better than the other books(the others)=this book is the best 一般为sb/sth+比较级+than+the others/the other..

构成法 原级 比较级 最高级 一般单音节词 tall(高的) taller tallest 未尾加-er,-est great(巨大的) greater greatest 以不发音的e结尾 nice(好的) nicer nicest 的单音词和少数 large(大的) larger largest 以- le结尾的双 able(有能力的) abler

比较级 He is stronger than you 他比你强壮 最高级He is strongest in class 他在班级里是最强壮的 过去式He played football yesterday他昨天在踢球

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