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as well 放句尾 也 like eating meat as well. 我喜欢吃肉,水果也可以. Men can be givers as well. 男人们也能成为给与者. He is a scientist as well as a poet. 他是一个科学家,而且也是一个诗人. either 句尾, 也不 . if you don't go there, i will not go, either. Me, either.是me too 的否定式

likesas well as 看前面的主语!

He learns english as well as french.

1. I write my own songs and I play the guitar as well.我唱自己谱曲的歌,也弹吉他.2. You must deposit 500 as well as the first month's rent.你必须付500英镑押金及第一个月的租赁费.3. Often life is much slower outside the big cities, as is true in

She not only refused to answer any questions but did not ask any questions as well.

1.He plays the guitar as well as you. 他的吉他弹得和你一样好.2.She can play tennis as well as basketball. 她也会打篮球,也会打网球.3.A teacher should entertain as well as teach. 教师不仅要教书,也要引起学生兴趣.

i like apples as well as pears.我既喜欢苹果又喜欢梨.as well as 前后连接两个并列的事物 i like tom and tom likes me as well.我喜欢汤姆而且汤姆也喜欢我.as well 一般放在句尾 表示 也

china, japan as well as korea shares some common characters. 中国, 日本 以及 韩国 有些共同文字. 请采纳谢谢

as well as 常译作“不但、而且;还有”.在连接两个物或人的时候,侧重点通常在前者,即A as well as B 的侧重点在A.eg:Mary as well as Lily is playing basketball.(Mary 跟 Lily一样,也正在打篮球)注意这里用的谓语动词是单数形式,因为as

1.Her novels are well written and commercial as well. 她的小说写得好,销路也广. 2.You may as well go there as not. 你去不去都行. 3.It is as well with it as without it. 有它没有它都一样.

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