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At thE thought oF造句

wangming go to school, though he is ill

这个短语就是一想起什么的什么 至于就..你要自己再加一个句子 He will smile at the thought of her. 他一想到她就会微笑

at the thought of [英][t θ:t v][美][t i θt v] 一想到…(就); 例句1.He boggled at the thought of swimming in winter. 他想到要在冬天游泳就有些犹豫.2.She blushed at the thought of it. 她想到这件事就脸红.

that may be the beginning of happiness, rather than a source of despair. 这可以不是绝望的源头,反倒是幸福的开端it's the beginning of success,这是成功的开端

一想起at the thought ofat the thought of 一想到,一想起,想到at the bare thought of 一想起at the thought of examination 一想起求采纳

He can drive the car at the age of sixteen.

At the beginning of意思是起初,造句应该是At the beginning of the term, I found it difficult to study English. 在这学期初,我觉得学英语很难

She graduated from the high school at the age of 18.She had her first boy friend at the age of 20.She became a famous singer at the age of 23.

At the top of the mountain, I have a sense of calm.

At the corner of I saw you

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