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BE BAsED on造句

good grades is based on your hard work

You were based on your parents.

be based on “以……为根据”; “根据……”;“基于……”用法是A be based on B what he said is on the story .

Every action and decision you make should be based on honesty

be based on是base on的被动语态形式,在句子中充当谓语;based on则可看做是base on的过去分词,可用与名词后作后置定语,表示一种被动关系.如你给出的第一个句子,其相当于一个定语从句的省略:With our knowledge based on


be based on前后要接成分,a以b为基础based on放句首,“以为基础”

That film was based on a real story.

The theory is based on a series of wrong assumptions. 这个理论是以一系列错误的假设为依据的.

The result of a lesson was base on the teacher's preparation. 课程的效果是基于教师的准备. 有用请采纳

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