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Plans for the May Day.May Day is coming.In order to have a happy holiday,we students all have a plan for it and they differ from one to another.Some students think their studies are very heavy,so they should take good use of the holidays to review the

my summer vacation.the summer vacation is coming. i will do my homework first so i am going to do my homework every morning. in the afternoon, i will play basketball and table tennis with my friends. in the evening i will read english and listen to

I am going to go shopping with my friends tomorrow moring,and I am going to visit my grandmother in the afternoon.After that,I am going to watch a film with my sister.That's my schedule for tomorrow.

I am going to work hard After 6 years of studying in Primary school, now I am going to face the new challenges of the 3 years of studying in Middle school . It is my pleasure to study with

when i grow up i want to be a doctor in the the a&e (accident and emergency) department, because it is a very challenging and respected job. a doctor has to be very observant person to detect all the symptoms his patient has and make the correct

Now i am a student in a high school.And I am going to be a freshman in the next 3 years.Also,I am going to be a good teacher in a primary school.

my dream weekend must very happy.in the erly morning,my father and me is going to go to climb a moutain,my father tells me that i should take more exercise to keep healthy.i felt so tired but quite happy.then,after lunch ,i am going to watch a cartoon

I'm going to have a busy weekend! On saturday,I'm going to visit my grandparents by bus.I'm going to buy a new book.Ten,I'm going to go home and read the new books.On sanday,I'mgoing to the supermark with my moyher.We're going eveing lunch.Ten, in the evening,I'm going to visit my aunt.That will be fun!

My holiday life will be busy but interesting.I am going to do my homework every day so that I can finish my homework on time.I am going to the library to borrow some books

I am going to be a teather when I grow up when I was a child,I hope to be a teather in the future.As we know,teathers always are compared to the Candle. I like children.I want to share my knowledge with them.I will so happy when I can see my students

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