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bring oneself to强迫自己他每天强迫自己学四个小时的法语.难怪他对法语变得讨厌起来了. He brings himself to learn French for four hours a day. No wonder he grew to hate it.bring to oneself 使自己意识到使自己清醒过来He drank a cup of strong tea to bring to himself.

when you come to nanjing, remember to bring a camera with yourself.你来南京时,记得带上一台相机.

你好!I am unwilling to bring myself to inform her of it 如有疑问,请追问.


bring trouble to oneself咎由自取 双语例句1.Those are you compassionate flood care, I bring trouble to oneself misunderstood into love. 那些都是你一时同情心泛滥给予的关爱,是我咎由自取误解成爱情.2.And, regardless of adopts any way to

exert oneself to 英 [iz:t wnself tu:]美 [zt wnslf tu] 努力,尽力 双语例句1. In this way, kaisuism helps one to exert oneself further for excellence and success. 这个怕输的过程其实就是努力的过程, 奋斗的过程.来自互联网2. As long as one isn't starving to death, one should do revolutionary work and exert oneself. 人没有饿死, 就要做革命工作,就要奋斗.

adapt oneself to: 使自己适应或习惯于某事.例如:adapt one's thinking to the new situation 使思想适应新形势.One should adapt oneself to the changed conditions. 我们应当使自己适应变化了的情况.One must adapt oneself to the changing conditions. 一个人必须适应环境的变化.

自己想要的可以自己拿 Welcome to the buffet, please help yourself to any dishes you like.欢迎来到自助餐,自己想要什么可以自己拿.

bring oneself to 强迫自己He could not bring himself to call his parents.他不能强迫自己去看望他的父母.She forced herself to remain calm and slowed down.她强迫自己保持镇定,放慢步伐.

not oneself : 不舒服; 不适; 不能自我

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