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Do you likE sports中文

Do you like sports games? 你喜欢体育项目吗?Yes,i do. 是的,我喜欢.No,i don't. 不,我不喜欢.

do you like sports 你喜欢运动吗 do you like sports 你喜欢运动吗

do sports的中文意思:参加体育运动



Though I am not good at sports, I like it very much.

1. you like sports,don't you? 2.it rains every sunday ,doesn't it?


I like doing all kinds of sports. But basketball is my favorite sport. When I was young, my father taught me how to play basketball. From then on, I was interested in playing basketball. Now I am a mumber of our school basketball team. I often play

我喜欢的体育运动sports (that)I like省了that

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