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In my neighbourhood,there's lots of interesting things!My friends live in here for along time!They are all very friendly and always play with me!After I finish my homework,I will play with them!Sometimes I will see some grandpa or grandma,Ilike to help

I like sportsDuring my secondary school years I often liked to go to the recreation room to play table tennis. Some of my classmates were very good at this game and I often tried to compete with them to improve my skill. In high school I spent many

i like some things. i like ice cream , dance, swim, sun and draw, they are interesting funny . i am every like them.

英语作文i like winter there are four seasons in a year.which is my favourite one?of course winter!why?let me tell you.winter is the season of festivals.the new year's day,christmas day and the most important festival in a year for chinese:spring festival

I love English!Have given me infinite interest because of him!He lets me understand the world not having distance , person is away from successful single-step forever only.Person is flawless and perfe

If you ask me what do i like to do best,i'll tell you a lot of thing!Sports,math chinese?Impossible!I like English best!Why do i like english best?Because it's easy to me,althrough i'm a chinses people!But also i love reading books!Like Percy Jackson,Harry potter!These are my favorite books!thanking for your reading

i like dogs very much. because they are very honesty. i think dogs are people's good friend. i have a dog. i call it "dolly". it is 3 years old. it is white. it has two big eyes, and its eyes are brown. it has four shourt legs. it likes paly balls. i like play with it.

世界上有很多人都在歌颂母爱,都说世上只有妈妈好.但是我却要为爸爸们说一句公道话,我觉得父爱也是很伟大的,为什么没有人觉得世上只有爸爸好呢?我就有一个好爸爸. 记得在去年期末考试的时候,我的成绩很不理想,数学只考了70

I like studyingI to deeply love study, because the book is our energetic grain, may let us becomes learned and accomplished. one time, I hold one to buy "the Notre Dame Cathedral" newly, sneaks in the studio, as soon as read has gotten up

I like Summer Hello,everybody!Which season do you like best?Well,I like Summer best.You know what?Because I can swim in Summer.In Summer,it`s so hot and cool.And I can do what I want to do.For example,I can go fishing.I can do my homework

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