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my last winter vacationfood and sea food.People there were friendly and helpful to us.In a world,I really enjoyed my last winter vacation.

【mylastwintervacation作文】Last winter break,my parents took a few days off and we went on a vacation at

请大家帮我写一篇英语作文.以MylastwintervacationI really had a happy winter holiday yesterday.I finished doing my homework on time and

my last winter vacation 作文呸

英语作文:My last winter holiday很高兴第一时间为您解答,祝学习进步。如有问题请及时追问,谢谢~~O(∩_∩)O 如果你认可我

my last winter holiday的英语作文怎么写?(不少于10句3.Today, I still went to my mother’s office. My mother was very busy, so was my father.

求一篇以“My last winter holiday ”为题的英语作文_百 My holiday was good. I stayed at home for sometime. I went to Tianyi Square and bought same games. But one

Last Winter Vacation 作文Last winter vacation,I went to my aunt's home for holiday.As her home is very far away,I went there by bus.My aunt

请大家帮我写一篇英语作文。我急需啊。I spend a happy life on this vacation.first of all ,all the familly are in home and live altogethe. we talk with

my winter vacation 要求要一篇作文My winter holiday(我的寒假) In winter holiday,usually I stayed at home and did my school work.Sometimes I help

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