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My school life is very interesting and colouful. I usually get up at a quarter past six. After washing face, I read English about half an hour. I think it's a good habit. I always go to school by bike,morning class begins at eight.We have four lessons in the

给你几个参考的句子吧: we are studying hard in our school,our life is happy and intcrcsting. 我们学习刻苦, i think one of the happy moments in my life is when i graduated from the elementary school. 我想在我生命里小学毕业的时刻是一个快乐的

My life is my school.My life revolves around school.I've been in school for many years.I've been studying a long time.Let me tell you about my school life.First,school life is a challenge.It's continous competition.It's full of pressure and lots tests.The

Hello! My name is Tom , I'm a student of NO.7 Middle school , I like my school , because my school life is very interesting. I like my classmates and teachers. They are very friendly. Classes begin at 8:00. I have four classes in the morning. I study

My School My school is not very big,but I like it very much.I like my teachers in my school,they often smile and are friendly to us.I like my friends in my school,they often play with me,we are happy everyday.I like my school,because I always feel happy in my school.

'It's dead,whatever it was,'said Holmes.'We've killed the family ghost for ever.' The creature that lay before us was as large as a small lion.Its mouth and teeth were huge.They shone with blue flames.There were rings of blue fire round its cruel eyes,too.I

When I first went into the school gate,see my new classroom and teachers,I thought I would have a new start.The school life is very busy and exciting.There are many activities in our school,such as sports meeting,science week and art week.We all

my school life i go to school at 7 every morning. when i get to school, i have to do the cleaning with my classmates. and after that i have 4 lessons in the morning and 2 lessons in the afternoon. the school is over at about 4:30. my favourite teacher is

as for me ,my school life is very colourful ,during this week ,i learn so much form school,for example:i make friends and they meke me so happy .what"s more,when i was sad sometime they can meke me happy again.i often play basketball whin them after school ahd so on .

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