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My School Life My name is… .I'm…years old,and I study in… MiddleSchool .My school is very big andbeautiful.I'm very happy in theschool.We have… classes everyday.The

my school life everyday we go to our beautiful school in spite of rain or shine. we'll spend a whole day in school. in the morning, we come to school. most of us get up earlier to avoid being late. but of course, there are few students who have no time

We have studied in Songpu High School for several months.When I first went into the school gate and saw my new classroom and teachers I thought I would have a new start .

My school life I usually get up at 6:00,I like sleeping ,but I can't sleep too much time,because my mother asks me not to be late for go to school.I must go to school by school bus . I go to school at 6:30 and I get school at 6:45. I have 4 lessons in the

My school lifeI am a middle school student.Now I am soon graduating.My middle school 's life is very wonderful.I like my middle school's life.I am a dormitory man.I have my roommate.They are very good

My Junior High School Life With autumn approaching, new term has come. I'm very excited to become a student of JinQiao Bilingual Experimental School. I realize that I should try my best to be a good student. Meanwhile, I will study hard. I will

1.My school life is very coloful,I have many lovely classmates and teachers.My friend XX is always with me.We study and play together.We happy every day.After class my

My school lifeWhen I first went into the school gate, see my new classroom and teachers, I thought I would have a new start. The school life is very busy and exciting. There are many activities in our school, such as sports meeting, science week and

i like my school life because i can have a bunch of joy such as learning knowledges, playing with friends, doing exercises, and more. my school life has a lot of challenges in front of me every day, so i will do more and more work to overcome them.

My School Life My name is…636f70797a686964616f31333330333038 . I'm… years old, and I study in… Middle School . My school is very big and beautiful. I'm very happy in the school. We have… classes every day. The first class begins at …am.

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