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My friend and I Jiamin is my good friend. He studies at a Primary School and he is a strong athlete. He often gets the match's winner. But now he is thinner than before,

My friend's name is ______.She is my best friend and when I need her she is always there.Once,I remember that I got a very horrible grade and I started crying,but she comforted me by giving me a hug a


I have a good friend.His name is Tom.He is a little taller than me.I am quiet ,but he is more outgoing than me.So in school he is more popullor than me.I have short hair but he has longer hair than me.

I have a good friend.She is a pretty girl.She lives in Jiujiang.She is a middle school student.She has big eyes,a small mouth,a small nose and a round face.She is tall and thin.She likes watching TV a

i have a good friend ,his name is jim.he is short and lovely.he has black hair and a round face.though we are friends,but we are different.i am lively and he is quiet.i like playing

My best friend Hello,everyone! I have a best friend. His name is Mike and he is a 15-year-old middle school student. He`s from Korea and he is very tall.He has short strai

My friend and I are very good to each other.I help him and he helps me.He likes English and I like Chinese.He likes football but I like pingpong.We go to school together.We go home together.Our school

I have a best friend.Her name is Lucy.She is the tallest student in our class.She is one of the most intellegent students I have ever known.She works harder than I.She is one of the best student in ou

Hello,everyone! I'm Zhang Wei from Class One, and I have a good friend. His name is Li Ming. He is 12 years old and he is taller than me. We often play basketball after school. We help with each other. I help him with math and he help me with English. I'm happy to have such a best friend!

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