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My favorite sport My favorite sport is playing basketball. I often play it with my friends after class.Playing basketball is very fun.We usaully play it happily. My father plays basketball with me after school too.My father often says playing basketball is good

sports Many people say :Life depend on doing sports.It is true.Sports can make your body strong.After you do some sports,like playing basketball or football,you can also feel

Sports A healthy body is necessary for a healthy mind. As is known, to have a sound mind, we must first have a sound body. This is of vital importance. Only by keeping

sports in our school hello everyone,i am a reporter from the school newspaper,now i am reporting in front of the playground.students in our school have had more time for sports since the activity started.most students exercise for more than four hours

My Favorite Sports-我最喜爱的运动 Sports help everyone to keep healthy,happy,and efficient.So I pay special attention to games,especially table-tennis.Table tennis is my favorite game.I play it almost every day. Table-tennis is an ideal game us

我认为这是一项伟大的运动,使你的新员工I play badminton . I think it is a great sport that makes you meet loads of new people and enjoy yourself at the same time! My favorite spot is badminton. Badminton is lots of fun and players with even a

my favourite sport good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. it's my great pleasure to be here sharing my speech with you. today my topic is my favourite sport.look at my healthy skin , oh! can you guess which sport i like best? yes,it's swimming !that's

My favourite sports(我最喜欢的运动) My favourite sports is playing badminton.Because not only is it good for our health,but also we can commuicate with our friends by this sports.I fell in love with it since I was 10 years old ,and I play it twice a

l love sports I like sports, I like playing football, playing basketball, swimming and so on movement. Finished writing my homework every day, I always downstairs to play badminton, parents also and I play badminton together. The weekend, so I

sports can do us nothing but good Sports do us good in many respects (TS). It goes without saying that taking exercises can build up our physical strength. In collective sports like basketball, volleyball, or football, we will learn the importance of

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