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thE AnimAls i likE作文

"The Animal I Like"英语作文60字,应该怎么写?The animal I like best is dog. In my childhood I have a dog. He is my favorite pet. He is very lovely. His name

animals,ilike为题写一篇作文There are many animals in the world.They are very lovely .My favourite animals are cats and rabbits.I have a white cat

英语animais like作文30字The lovely animal.In our daily life there are plenty of lovely animals around us like cats and rabbits.but for me ,i

英语关于动物作文Ilikeanimal1)、monkey I like annimals. My favourite animal is monkey. The monkey is cute and kind. It looks like a small man.

标题为i like animals的文章My favorite animal is dog. Dogs are clever and loyal animals. They are very useful to human being. Firstly, they can

英语作文:我最喜欢的动物the white cat is very gentle.she likes to wash her face.and she doesn′t like to play with people.she often jumps on

关于 我最喜欢的动物 的一篇英语作文五年级的 急!谢谢I like many kinds of animals.However,my favorite animal is a dog.Dog's sense of

英语作文 急需The animals I like Do you want to know what my favorite animal is? well, I love pandas! They are so cute and

guess what animals i like小作文Myfavouriteanimal--pandaIfyouaskmewhatmyfavouriteanimal.Icantellyou"pandasaremyfavourite."Ilikethepandasnotonlybecausetheyareone

英语animals作文I like animals very much. I have a dog, It’s my favourite animal. It’s white, It looks like a snow ball. It

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