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My weekend plan On Saturday morning I'm stay in bad.When I get up I shall play basketball with my friends.Then I shall do my homework.On Saturday evening,when is finish I shall have dinner with my parents and watch TV for a time.After that I

My weekend plan I am going to do my homework first .Then I'll will spare some hours to play with my friends .Thirdly ,I'll visit my grandparents .Last but not least ,I am going to watch my favorite TV programs .In conclusion , I'll have a busy weekend .

I am going to have a busy weekend ! On Saturday , I'm going to clean my room and do homework. Then , in the evening , I 'm going to the supermaket with my mother . On Sunday, I'm going to the bookstore on foot . I'm going to buy some books.

It is Friday afternoon.School is over.The students are talking about their weekends. Hi,I am Yu Yan.I'm going to have a busy weekend!On Saturday,I'm going to the park by

on weekend,i often do my homework at home on weekends,sometimes i go shopping,sometimes I also can play computer games ,on sunday,i often watch TV and do housework.i am very happr,i like my weekend. 或者 I do homework on saturday,

1.I am going to prepare for my lessons because the Mid-term exam is coming.I am sure if I have good preparation, I will get good grades.I am going to help my parents do some housework because they work hard every day.Of course I will visit my

In the moring,I will watch TV.After watch TV,I will do my homework.After have lunch,I will play football with my friends.At thirty six in the night,I will have supper.After have supper,I will play comeputer games.

weekend plan Hello,I'm xxx.I'm going to have a busy weekend.On Saturday, I'm going to learn to play Flute this morning . I like to play Flute . Then, I'm going to the library.I can borrow some books in it. I'm going to go home by the No.xxbus.

Hi.My friends.I'm going to have a busy weekend!On Saturday,I'm going to the supermarket by subway.I'm going to buy some bread and chocolates.Then,I'm going to

I have a happy weekend. On Saturday,I often do homework.Sometimes I read books.On Sunday,usually I play computer games.Sometimes I paly chess with my friend.This is my weekend.

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